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Monday, August 15, 2011

Million-Dollar Throw- Mike Lupica

I have to admit I have been recommending Mike Lupica's books to boys for years, but this is the first one I have actually read.  Terrible, I know.  But now I don't feel so bad because this is a great book for boys (and maybe some girls as well).  Nate plays quarterback for his 8th school football team.  He has an amazing arm, and hopes to be like his hero, Tom Brady, when he grows up.  It is his love for Tom Brady that leads him to buy the autographed football for sale at a sports store that is having a drawing to give one person a shot at throwing a football through a target during half time of a Patriot's game.  The prize is of course one million dollars.  At this point it doesn't seem much different than Dan Gutman's "million dollar" books (which I do like and so do kids), but then the character of Nate is further developed.  His parents are struggling since his dad lost his job, his best friend Abby has an eye disease that is going to leave her blind soon, and he is in a quarterback slump.  You can't help but feel for this character and root for the happy ending.

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