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As a middle school librarian and hopeful reader of Missouri's high school award books (Gateway nominees), I am reading and reviewing as many young adult and middle grade novels as I can while working on my own writing for this age group.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Love, Aubrey- Suzanne LaFleur

This book will be perfect for my elementary and middle school girls that are always looking for sad books.  Yes, believe it or not I have a group that request this genre.  There has been an accident in Aubrey's life and it has turned everything in her life upside-down.  She finds herself living on her own until her grandmother discovers she's alone and comes to take her to Vermont.  Aubrey lives with her grandmother there as she deals with the accident and the aftermath.  Writing letters to her younger sister's imaginary friend is how she deals with her feelings about life.  Aubrey is a character you just want to hug and make everything better.  She is strong and does come out stronger in the end.

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