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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Reading Promise

OK, so I've decided to be more myself in these posts and not such a dry reviewer of books.  If it looks like I've read an incredible amount of books this weeks it's because school has just ended and my children are on vacation with my parents.  One of the books I've read this week is actually a Father's Day gift for my dad (yes, I often read books first before I give them as gifts- I'm very careful with the pages.  Surely no one has ever suspected).  It is the most inspiring story as both a parent, daughter and librarian.

Alice Ozma writes the book as a memoir about "the streak" that her and her father started when she was around 9 years old.  Basically it was them trying to read aloud together every night for 100 nights, which then turned into 1,000 nights and beyond.  It ended the night he took her to college and they read one last time in the stairwell of her dorm.  I was teary by that point.  Teary because I was remembering how my own dad and I have shared a love of books (hence the father's day gift idea) and because I want that with my own three kids.  I plan to start our own "streak" at our house this summer.  Conveniently my oldest is 9- obviously the perfect time to start making the read aloud commitment.  The website to check out is

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