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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fat Cat- Robin Brande

Seems like the theme for reading the weekend was eating and food.  This book was much lighter than Wintergirls; however, it had a main character who also felt she was overweight.  "Cat" is a brain, but hasn't cared much about how she takes care of her body.  Through a research project in one of her high school classes she decides to live the next 7 months like a early hominin (even more ancient than a Neanderthal).  This means no modern technology, walking every where (within reason), and eating a diet that consists of fruits, vegetables and grains, which is a huge change from Cat's normal diet of junk food.  This vegetarian diet and constant exercise has some interesting effects on Cat's personal life.  She has some boy problems to resolve as she deals with her body image issues.  This is a fun book, that actually made me more interesting in researching a vegetarian diet.  Definitely a chick book, but a light, fun one.

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