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Monday, June 13, 2011

The Morgue and Me- John C. Ford

This is another book where photography plays a large role.  That must be something this year in publishing because this is the third book this month where photography has been key to the plot.  This book is a murder mystery told from a high school boy's point of view.  I do appreciate that so many of the books on our state nominee list this year are geared to boys because that is a change from how it has been.  Christopher is 18 and has decided to get a job in his small town's morgue.  Sounds weird, but he is obsessed with spy novels and wants to become a spy, so it is a good fit.  Especially when a body comes in that he discovers is not a suicide, but a covered up murder.  He befriends a hot, young, rebellious reporter who wants to find the truth and break the story to further her journalism career.  This book is a fairly typical, and somewhat predictable, murder mystery, but still a fun read.  It would definitely be a light read again for a reluctant boy reader.  High school is the most suitable age, but it could probably work with middle school as well.  There is no explicit sexual content and not much language.

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