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As a middle school librarian and hopeful reader of Missouri's high school award books (Gateway nominees), I am reading and reviewing as many young adult and middle grade novels as I can while working on my own writing for this age group.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Flash Burnout- L.K.Madigan

This book was actually much better than I thought it would be.  Blake's character definitely gave me insight into the high school boy's mind, which might have been helpful during my high school year's.  However, sometimes ignorance is bliss.  Blake is basically a good guy torn between two girls- Shannon, his beautiful girlfriend and Marissa, his friend and fellow classmate in his favorite photography class.  He really does try to do good by both of them.  He does his best to understand Shannon and all of her girl strangeness, and in the meantime gets pulled into Marissa's dysfunctional home life through a picture her inadvertently takes of Marissa's mom.  In trying to be too much to too many people, Blake gets completely misunderstood, and although it does not have a perfectly happy ending, he does learn a lot about himself and life in general.  This is again definitely a high school book due to the sexual content.  This would be a good book to recommend to boys that don't tend to read much.

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