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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Muchacho- Louanne Johnson

This author also wrote the book Dangerous Minds, which was turned into a movie awhile back (Michelle Pfeifer plays the inner-city school teacher) so I had an idea it would be about a troubled teen.  Eduardo is growing up in New Mexico.  He attends an alternative high school because of a problem he had with one of his elementary school teachers, and though he secretly loves to read he tries his best to fit in with juvenile delinquents that make up his school and neighborhood.  All that changes due in part to a teacher named Miss Beecher and a girl named Lupe.  When Lupe becomes his girlfriend, Eddie decides to try and clean up his act.  I liked this book as an adult, and I can think of a handful of boys I have had in my years teaching and in the library that I would like to think would get something out of this book.  But I'm not sure the kids would love it.  It is more hopeful than Todd Strasser book I read and reviewed earlier this summer, but I'm not sure the kids that need to hear it would be open to the message.  On the other hand, it might be interesting for some teens to learn about how other kids live.

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