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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pop- Gordon Korman

This book is definitely a different style of book than Gordon Korman's other books.  Marcus is a new kid in town.  He has recently moved with his mom from Kansas to New York state.  His love is football, and he wants to make the varsity football team this year.  The only problem is Kennesaw hasn't lost a game in over a year and the only lost a handful of seniors.  Not to mention the quarterback seems to be the golden child, and that is the position Marcus wants to play.  Marcus is willing to work hard and spends all his extra time practicing in the park in Kennesaw.  It's there that he meets Charlie Popovich, a retired NFL linebacker that helps him change his whole attitude about the game.  The only problem is it's Charlie's son, Troy, that is the current quarterback and something is not quite right with Charlie.  This book would be great for those sports-loving boys, but it also brings up a great discussion on head injuries in this sport and the consequences of those later in life.  Gordon Korman says he was inspired to write this book by his grandmother that suffered from Alzheimer's and an article he read about NFL players suffering cumulative affects of multiple concussions.  This is a great read for middle school boys.  It would probably work at the high school level as well.

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