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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Last Thing I Remember- Andrew Klavn

This book starts off with a bang.  Charlie wakes up strapped to a chair in a torture room, and he has no memory of how or why he is there.  The last thing he remembers is going to bed after a regular day of high school, karate, and homework.  He has to use all his wits and strength to escape from the torture chamber before they kill him.  He ends up in the woods, then a cave, and when he gets out he thinks he finds help.  Instead it turns out an entire year has gone by since the day he can remember, and not only are there bad guys after him, but the police are tracking him down for escaping prison where he was serving a murder sentence.  The book is the first in the Homelander series, which deals with terrorists, patriotism, and the search for the truth.  I would definitely recommend this to boys.  It reads like a movie, which isn't surprising since the author is also a screen writer.  A couple of his other books have already been turned into movies (True Crime), and I could see this series in a movie for sure.

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