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Sunday, July 3, 2011

After- Amy Efaw

Devon was a regular high school girl.  She got good grades, was responsible, played goalie on her club and high school soccer team.  She had everything going for her.  She was going to be everything her mother (pregnant with Devon at 16 and no college education) was not.  Until she made one bad choice, which she regretted the moment it happened.  This one choice led Devon down a path that most people would never think possible.  In this book Amy Efaw does an excellent job portraying teen pregnancy.  She did an amazing amount of research on "dumpster babies" and teen pregnancy for this book.  The author's note explains where she came up with the idea of looking at what happens "after".  She also explains the research that many teen pregnancies are happening to "good" girls like Devon.  The author explains the background to this book and some teen pregnancy websites and resources on her website:
After website
Although the subject of teen pregnancy is not one we usually want to broach with middle school students, this book handles it so beautifully that I think a mature 7th or 8th graders (probably girl) would enjoy it.  It definitely would cause them to think about their actions and what those consequences could be.

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