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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jane in Bloom- Deborah Lytton

When I first began this book I thought, "Oh great.  Another book about eating disorders."  However, as I got farther into it I liked it because it is told from the younger sister's point of view.  The opening chapter is Jane waking up on her 12th birthday.  She is excited about this birthday for many reasons, but especially because she is going to finally get her ears pierced.  You quickly find out though that this birthday is not going to be about Jane, but rather her older sister, Lizzie.  It seems to always be about Lizzy.  Lizzy is 16, beautiful, smart, obedient, and struggling with an eating disorder that kills her shortly after Jane's birthday.  The rest of the book is about Jane and her family dealing with Lizzie's death.  The book ends of a very hopeful note, and it ends up being a very sweet story.  Jane is a very likable character.  I would recommend this book to my girls that are always asking for sad books.  It is on our state's middle school book award nominee list this year, but I definitely have some upper elementary girls that would love it.

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